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Promoting Your Brand

If you missed my creator workshop this past weekend, I covered some pretty in-depth information about promoting your brand. Promotions are a major part in the success of building your brand awareness and recognition within such a competitive market. There are many aspects to promotions such as:

Press & Publicity :

Press can be the most difficult aspect of brand promotion to achieve, but also the best thing to happen to your brand. Of course, the easiest way to gain press momentum for your brand is to go viral, but that is also the most difficult. You can hire an industry publicist that has access to contacts outside your reach. They can get you opportunities such as interviews, appearances, etc OR you can submit your on press releases to industry blog sites such as Xbiz & AVN. You can also reach out to podcast hosts, bloggers and more for exposure.

Marketing :

Continuously marketing your brand is essential to keeping your brand alive. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Professional photoshoots (Investing in your brand)

  • Attending fan centered events (X3, AVN, Exxxotica, etc)

  • Promoting your different socials across all your platforms

  • Attend networking events

Collabs :

One of the easiest most cost effective practices to promote your brand are cross promotions. What are cross promotions? A great example are doing collabs with other creators such as working together to make content for TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Unfiltrd, and also doing shout for shouts.

As you can see, promotion of your brand is vital, but also a challenging aspect in regards to your brand as well. It is important to not forget this step when you are first starting the process of building your brand, but also to continuously nurture your brand so you can be successful in the years to come. The more you promote or market your brand, the better it will be for growth. So don't forget that promotions will always play a huge role in your brand and it will always need to be fed and nurtured.


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