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Reality TV Stars You WOULDN'T Expect to Have an Onlyfans

In today's world, it comes as less and less of a surprise when someone comes out on their social media saying that they have an Onlyfans, Unfiltrd, Fansly, or any other spicy platform. In fact, it's quite common, and especially so in the reality TV world. In today's article we'll discuss the reason for this cross-over, and also talk about some of the famous (and infamous) reality TV stars that have made the jump over to the spicy side!

First of all, I think one major error fans of reality TV make is assuming that just because they are on TV, that they make a ton of money. This could not be further from the truth! Most reality TV stars make around $1,000 or less per episode, and in some instances they do not get paid at all. The only way for reality TV stars to bring in any substantial income is to use their new-found fame on social media to create another stream of revenue. Many stars go the Cameo route or will do sponsored posts, but even this is not enough to survive in today's economy. It is no wonder that many reality TV stars decide that the best alternative is to bare it all (or some) on platforms such as Onlyfans.

This is quite a personal topic to my, because as you know, I was on 90 Day Fiance, and was on Onlyfans, Patreon, and now Unfiltrd. I have been a part of the sex work industry for almost 10 years, and being on reality TV definitely helped fuel that revenue stream during the airing of my season. I think that by being so outspoken about being on a fan subscription platform and being a sex worker, it helps de-stigmatize it for a lot of other creators, reality TV personalities, and everyone in between! Obviously, doing this type of work is highly controversial, and by being a spicy creator, you open yourself up to a ton of judgement and hate. And while there is no shortage of hate and judgement from simply being on a reality TV show - being on a spicy platform only fuels and fans the flames more. However, I think for a lot of reality TV stars, this is the BEST way to see a financial return on their time invested into filming a show. I think another thing that people get all wrong is that they think that just because you're on a platform such as this, that you are doing pornographic content. It is the case in some cases, but not always. Sometimes creators use these platforms to connect with fans via chatting, video calls, voice calls, and more.

So who are some of these reality TV stars using Onlyfans, Unfiltrd, and other platforms? Let's take a look!

Larissa Santos

Larissa is the infamous character from 90 Day Fiance who solidified her name in the reality tv hall of fame with her adorable Brazillian accent and her iconic quotes. Since her time on the show she has become a sensation online as well as launched her own work-out brand. She also is an advocate for plastic surgery, and is very transparent about her life, procedures, and views. She has made a name for herself as a top creator on Unfiltrd and uses the platform as a way to connect with her fans and show off her hard work from the gym. Although Larissa had some controversy due to her involvement in spicy platforms, she has decided to march to the beat of her own drum!

Syngin Colchester

You may remember Syngin as the red haired South African from 90 Day Fiance who liked to have a good time. Well, nowadays, Syngin is also showing he can have a good time on both his Onlyfans and Unfiltrd page. Syngin amassed quite a large female and male fan base on his social media during the airing of his season, so why not make the most of it by having a spicy page? Syngin shares everything from travel content, shirtless photos, and more!

Shake Chatterjee

Perhaps you remember Shake as the villain from Love is Blind. Or perhaps you know him from his recent run on E's House of Villains! Shake is an unlikely villain because he is a friendly, fun-loving, veterinarian. Unfortunately his brutal honesty and sometimes unfiltered approach to love is what earned him his name as one of reality TV's most notorious bad guys. He is even more unlikely to be someone who would start an Onlyfans. However, it appears that Onlyfans formed a partnership with the reality TV star, and he posts behind the scenes aspects of his life on the platform! Shake also sat down for an episode of UnfiltrdTalk this past week with me to dish on some of the secrets of being on reality TV as well as what he's been up to, so make sure to go tune into the episode on Apple or Spotify!

Harry Jowsey

This star has achieved a ton of mainstream fame. He has appeared on Too Hot to Handle on Netflix and recently danced his way to Dancing with the Stars! Harry has had so much mainstream fame that you would be surprised to find that he is also very successful on Onlyfans!

Dorinda Medley

This might just be the most shocking one on the list. Dorinda from the Real Housewives made an exit from the show but it seems she is making some money on her spicy page now! We aren't exactly sure what sort of content she is creating, but we do love that she is showing people that women of ALL ages and from all backgrounds can have a sexy side hustle. It's also important to note that not ALL reality TV stars use these platforms to bare it all. Many of them use these platforms to simply share behind the scenes aspects of their lives and to be able to chat with their biggest fans.

So which of these surprised you the most? As time goes on, the number of reality TV stars opening up an Onlyfans or an Unfiltrd page only increases. With that increase, we also see a de-stigmatization of sex work and creating spicy content, which is a great thing to see! It can be difficult to take your reality tv fame (or infamy) and turn it into profit, and it seems that for these stars, this was a lucrative and smart choice!

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