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ahh, good ol’ rebill. That little sign that our customers are happy to stick around for more than a month. Today we’re going to talk about how to get customers to turn on rebill or keep it on.


Incentivizing your fans to turn on rebill is a great way to get them to stick around. Some creators like to offer special content that only resubscribes would have access too, others send out lower cost PPV for having the rebill option on. Play around with a few of these options and see what works best for you!

  1. Exclusive content: Some content creators offer exclusive content to fans who have rebill turned on. One user likes to give her users Shower Content, which is really popular for her, so she’ll post an uncensored preview on her feed and let people know that if they have rebill turned on, she will send them the full video. A lot of her followers will turn on their rebill just for this!

  2. Low-Cost PPV I like to send out low cost PPVs to my fans with rebill. a PPV that I would usually charge $20+ for I will send out for $5. My welcome message when they subscribe lets them know to send me a specific emoji to let me know they have rebill on, if they do I will send them a discounted PPV. 9 out of 10 subs send the emoji and 8 of 10 will purchase the PPV

  3. Freebies! Freebies are always a great option for keeping people around. Make sure your fans know that they get exclusive content, only available to them, for having their rebill turned on! We don’t always encourage giving away content for free, but making sure someone has their rebill turned on isn’t exactly free 😏 Make sure its something new every month and is something relatively easy for you to produce. A cute little photoset or a 2-3 minute video to keep them interested.

You can use these techniques on your Unsubscribed users too. Send them previews of content you’ve got coming up for a specific tier to get them to resubscribe. Use language that will let them know that this content wont be PPV, and wont be purchasable but if they resubscribe they’ll be the first ones to get it.

Try out these tips and let us know which ones work for you! See you tomorrow! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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