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Ring in the New Year… With a Sale

Remember a few weeks ago when in one of the promo blogs I talked about putting my 4.99 tier on sale for free? Well, if you didn’t, it’s linked here and I’m going to recap it for you below.

Sara, why free?!

Some of my fellow content creators thought I was a little crazy for giving away one of my tiers for free. How do I expect to make any money if I’m giving it away? Don’t worry, I have a plan. I mentioned in the linked blog above that I was using Stephs method of giving my followers FOMO- Fear of Missing Out. Here’s what you do, Set your lowest level tier, typically a $4.99 subscription tier to 100% off when you start the sale. We do the lowest level as this offers the least amount of valuable content. Value being based on videos, nudity and interaction with fans. Once the sale has started, don’t forget to let your fans know that your tier is free. Free always gets them in the door. Remind them every couple of days, like Steph says, don’t let them forget about the sale!

But when do we start making money, Sara?

There’s a few ways to make money with this approach. First of all, rebill! Some of these new fans will leave rebill on and next month you’ll get at least 40/50% of these people rebelling for another month. Next is Upgrades; and there’s a trick to it. Make sure you’re still posting regularly to all of your tiers, and using language like “exclusive to this tier” “My X tier babes are getting this today!” Make sure higher tiers are getting the best quality content and your captions include language that A) Let others know that they’re the only ones getting it and B) What they’re getting; Is it sexy, spicy… too hot to put in the blog? Yea, do that. 😏 Something else I did that worked really well was once I had a a couple dozen new subscribers to my free tier, I sent out a mass DM with a PPV that was also uploaded to my VIP tier and sent the following message ” 12 minutes of {redacted extra spicy description} 😈 $40 and it’s yours or you can get a discount on this and tons of other sexy content by subscribing to my VIP tier 😻 Either way you’re going to cum with me.” This worked a charm. Half of the users I sent this to upgraded to my VIP Tier.

Here’s a new trick to try:

This is one of the best things I have ever done: in my intro message that gets sent to every one who subscribes to my 4.99 tier I include the following: “if you’re rebill is turned on send me a 🍑 and I’ll send you a super special video at a discounted price” Almost everyone sends the peach and almost every one purchases the $5 video I send them when they do. Even if they immediately cancel rebill, they still spent money on the video you sent them. You can do this even if you’re not having a sale and should include it on all but your highest level tiers.

Thats all for now

If you try out these methods for making money, let me know how it works out for you by emailing me at See you tomorrow! Sara Lyn Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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