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Side hustle to main gig- ep 2

Yesterday we started talking about how to utilize social media for driving traffic to your Unfiltrd account. Today we’ll continue that discussion.

captions and call to action

So here’s something super easy you can do to up your social media game; Use thoughtful captions with a call to action. A Call to Action is a prompt designed to get your followers to do something. It’s usually something simple but effective. You can ask questions or tell your viewers to do something such as liking and sharing your post or dropping an emoji in the comments. One instagram content creator writes in every post that she love it when her fans like and share her content with their friends, this is a great boost to her engagement stats when followers do this and if her followers actually send the content to thier friends, it broadens her audience that much more. You of course do not have to do exactly as she does but it is a good idea, the better your engagement, the better your placement in the algorithm. Your call to action can be as simple as asking your followers to drop an emoji in the comments or telling you what their favorite color or place to travel is, or, and most importantly, checking the link in your bio. Make it fun for your followers so that they will want to engage and keep engaging. Eventually this engagement will turn into paying subscribers.

Promo promo promo

Okay I totally sang that in my head as I was typing it out 😅 But promo is so so important. You could have the best Unfiltrd page to ever exist and it wont mean a thing if people dont know it exists! So you have to be smart about the way you promo your page. In an earlier post we heard from Stepanka about different ways to make it easy for your fans to understand Unfiltrd. We’re still a relatively new platform and therefore not as widely known as some of our competitors. Make sure to have your link in your bio! The best way to do this without getting on some platforms naughty list is to create a link tree. There are a ton of free link tree resources out there. We like metricool as it’s free and comes with other services such as analytics for all of your platforms and analytics for a customizable link tree. Check out the link in our Twitter or Facebook bio to see what it looks like.

Use a call to action to to encourage your followers to click the link in your bio and follow through to your subscription site, including using some of the hooks Steph provides in her blog. Here’s a couple of examples from that post but make sure to check it out if you missed it last week:

  1. “This isn’t like OF; this is something more unique and with features designed to let us have more fun together!”

  2. “Unfiltrd is my SPECIAL fan page. You have to experience it to understand the difference from other sites ”


consistency is going to be a huge factor in your success! We talked last week about how you have to treat this like running a small business. Look at the small businesses in your home town; if they’re good, they’re open during regular hours that their customers can rely upon and offer a range of goods their base is looking for. You have to treat your social media and Unfiltrd the same. If you post three times a day, 7 days a week, you should be doing that consistently. This means always posting around the same time of day for all three postings. Or, if once you get a feel for your analytics, you find that some days, are just not worth posting on because engagement is low and content is wasted, stick with not posting on those days but always posting on days where engagement is good! Again, pay attention to analytics. Creators like Sara have a schedule they follow based on days were they see the most engagement and conversion to paid sites. For her, Sundays and Tuesdays are basically wasted content, so save it for monday or Wednesday. Only your analytics will let you know which days will be best for you to post and drive traffic to your paid sites.

Wrapping it up

okay so we’ve covered, creating new accounts, finding your niche and how to boost engagement and sales. Don’t worry if you’re new to this and don’t have a following. if you use the information included here and in yesterdays post you’ll be able to grow a following and start converting subscribers in no time!

As always if you’ve got any questions that aren’t covered here or need clarification on anything, please feel free to send a message to Stepanka admin or Support

See you tomorrow, Unfiltrd Staff

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