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Standing out from the crowd

Online fan subscriptions is a highly saturated market. We can thank the pandemic of 2020 for the success and saturation of this market 😅 So in a super saturated market, how do you make yourself stand out from everyone else? Lets dive in!

Here’s a few ways to gain attention from your followers:

  1. Sales baby, sales! Sales are always popular regardless of the industry.

  2. Offering a freebie will always drive up sales and subscriptions (whether it be free video, free call, free photoset, etc). Always offer perks! People love free stuff! One of our creators will regularly post on social media to her followers that if they go follow the Unfiltrd Twitter Page and then send a message to her on unfiltrd they’ll get free content. This helps boost not only her twitter and the unfiltrd twitter… but it baits people in to wanting to buy more content after they get the freebie.. Make sure your freebies are just enough to pull them in, such as a spicy image. But not so spicy they wont want to purchase more.

  3. Build up anticipation about a one-time only release of content and suggest the possibility that specific content will be available for a limited time only and then gone forever. This especially good for auctions on digital content or rare items that cant be replaced or replicated.

  4. Use your creative writing skills to evoke people’s imaginations and make them visualize your content before they even purchase. Don’t get lazy with poor copyrighting, great writing and elaboration make the difference and are part of the full fan experience. If you’re rust on your creative writing, you can take a course on Skillshare to buff you back up.

  5. Never undersell yourself – establish that your content is premium by pricing it as such. You set the standard for your page, no one else. DO NOT allow subscribers to dictate pricing to you. If your pricing is set to $10 per minute on custom content, do not let customers talk you down to a lesser price.

We discussed Sales in yesterdays issue and the benefit of timing your sales around holidays and events. Black Friday, Christmas, holidays. Heck even the FIFA World Cup would be a great way to position sales! Here are some more ways to stand out:

Conduct polls that allow members to feel that they are in control of the content. Both twitter and instagram allow you to create polls, instagram in the stories, twitter on your feed. This is a great way to not only boost engagement but also get an idea of what your followers are looking for when subscribing to content creators. Follow through with the winning Poll Item. Say you do a Christmas poll; What kind of lingerie should I wear for this shoot: 1. Santa, 2. elf, 3. Reindeer: if reindeer wins the poll you should make sure to do a shoot in reindeer themed lingerie. (Sites like Fashion Nova offer a great variety lingerie, and fast shipping at low prices)

Personalization is key, people are paying for an immersive experience where what they say and think matters. When accepting orders for custom content, make sure your content is within the requested parameters. In GFE or chat session make sure you’re paying attention to what your customer is saying to you, follow their queues. If they feel like you’re reading from a script or just going through the motions, they’re less likely to stick around.

Keep it fun with themes, changing up your aesthetics, and don’t be afraid to play! People subscribe to see the fun and unfiltered side of you. Try to designate certain days of the week for special types of posts, this in turn gives your followers something to look forward to/helps incorporate you into someone’s daily life. People are creatures of habit, and if you insert yourself into someone’s habitual routine, you are more likely to retain that subscription.

Birthdays, Holidays, and world events (the fun ones, not the depressing ones of the last 3 years) make for great ways to engage new fans, host events, start sales, etc. Take advantage of these. We mentioned above using the World Cup as a way to promote. Even if you don’t personally follow Football (soccer to the Americans) your fans and potential customers might. Take advantage of this once in four year event, hype up a team and offer a 24 hour sale if Team A wins over Team B. Or you can offer 5% off your top tier for each goal scored against you’re least favorite team. You can find the World Cup Schedule Here

You can use any or all of these tips and strategies to help you stand out from the crowd. Let us know on our social media accounts how its working out for you 🥲

More tomorrow, Unfiltrd Staff.

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