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Stick to the Script

As of late I’ve been creeping on online sex worker reddit to find ideas for the blog. Most of the last several blogs have come from one posting or another on those subreddits. Today’s gem comes from r/OnlyfansAdvice, and she’s a doozy! Someone got an account management agency to share their scripts with her so that she could share them with other content creators. I’ve grabbed those scripts to show you too!

The Scripts

Script 1


My name is NAME and I’m a part of Only Pro Consulting, an agency that helps OnlyFans Creators build a brand and increase their revenue by 300% with multiple marketing strategies that will bring in new Instagram followers and OnlyFans subscribers.

I would love to do the same with you as I see a lot of potential in the content you create and believe you can elevate your brand with our help!

If you’d like to know more, you can check out our website here: we’re obviously not providing thier website

Script 2

What’s up NAME!

Hope your day is going well. My name is NAME and I’m with Only Pro Consulting, an agency that helps talented OnlyFans Creators build and scale their brand. We have a team of highly experienced marketers with extensive knowledge on OnlyFans, eCommerce, TikTok and Instagram that are highly motivated to help scale your OnlyFans account!

I believe you would be a FANTASTIC fit to our talented team of creators and would like to invite you to join a call with us here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Only Pro Consulting has extensive eCommerce, marketing and OnlyFans experience, with 50 Million+ Organic TikTok Views, $8.5M+ Revenue Generated in the past 2 years with OnlyFans and experience with over 30 different OnlyFans Creators.

Our main focus is making sure our creators are in a safe and profitable environment as we know how ruthless the adult industry can be. We have many strategies to help grow your account into a brand, including personalised Tinder and Instagram automation along with various other strategies.

As a creator, all you need to do is take photos and videos and we will do the rest of the marketing, scaling and analytics and statistics. Looking at your page we believe you would be a fantastic fit to join our team!

To get to know us a little bit better, schedule a call with us here:

Script 4

Hey👋🏻 My name is NAME and I run an agency that helps girls go from £0 to 6 figures in a matter of months on OnlyFans by spending an hour a day taking pictures and videos. No need to worry about marketing, promotions or messaging subs, we got that! Recently, my team and I helped one of our models go from £1K a month to £12K a month in just 1 month.

Looking at your page, we see a lot of potential and would love to do the same for you! If you’re interested, check out our website and book a call:

Follow Up Script

Hey! Just following up and seeing if you’re interested. We only accept 5 models a month, so if you’d like to book a call you can visit our site!

Script 5

Why is you Facebook linked to this account? What’s up [Name]! I think you would be perfect for our OnlyFans Agency. My name is [Name] and I am the founder of Only Pro Consulting, an agency that has experience in helping models grow their OnlyFans and Social Medias to 6 figure brands in just a matter of months using our own strategies. We have 2 Model Slots left within our Agency and I personally think you would be a great addition. If you are interested please feel free to visit our website and book a call!

Tricks They Use

Why is your facebook linked to this account? – By putting this at the beginning (for Instagram) and at the end in a separate message (for Reddit) you are building curiosity, which will make her want to open your DM and read your offer. Alternatives to this could be:

“Why is this button coming up when I try to follow you?”

“Your links redirect me here for some reason…

“I found your personal insta by doing this”

You might think this won’t work, but it is highly effective and by the time they’re done reading your offer they’ll forget why they even opened your DM in the first place! ^^^^^^^^ This is insulting… do they really think we are so stupid as to forget why we opened a dm that is obviously using scam tactics to get us to read their messages?

Keeping it short – Rather than sending an entire paragraph with the positives of why this model should join your agency, how much money you make a month and the history of your family tree just keep it short and keep them intrigued. 99% of people go on social media, ESPECIALLY Instagram just to scroll and look at pictures. They do not go on there to read paragraphs about statistics, money and strategies. Believe me lol. Keep it short, and don’t bore them with numbers and blocks of text… like I’m doing to you guys right now.

Promote Exclusivity – Everyone loves to feel special and as if they’re chosen for something. By saying “We have 2 Model Slots left these models will be queuing up on your Calendly schedule.

This is something 90% of agencies haven’t picked up on yet and it’s truly game changing. By using this strategy you will be ahead of almost every agency out there!

Insert Eye Roll

I am rolling my eyes so hard my mom just called to tell me to cut it out. 🙄 Read through these scripts and then if you see anything remotely similar to these type of tactic in your inbox, block the sender. 99% of these management agencies are scams, and at least half of them are SWERFS trying to benefit off of our hard work. Check out our other blogs on account management agencies as well. Stay Vigilant and stay safe.

k love you, Byeeee Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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