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Stop! In the Name of…

There are some things sex workers and online content creators want you to stop doing. Todays blog is going to cover some of those things but I’m sure there is a laundry list of things we all wish you would stop doing or saying to us. Keep reading to find out our tops picks, and if you’re doing any of these; Please, we are begging you, STOP IT.

Saving Us

A lot of sex workers are in this line of work because they want to be! Most of us chose this because it affords us a type of financial security and freedom that a regular job doesn’t allow. We dont need or want to be saved. You should be targeting your savior complex at people who actually want to be saved? Like victims of human trafficking, homeless people, abused kids. Leave sex workers alone. Also, stop confusing and conflating consensual Sex Work with human trafficking. They ARE NOT THE SAME. I chose this. The women Andrew Tate stole passports and income from, that’s trafficking.

Speaking for us

We see this so freaking much and we are all so fucking sick of it! There are so many people out there who claim to speak for sex workers, wanting to legalize Sex Work, etc. But they don’t actually work with sex workers to accomplish these things, instead they use their savior complex to come up with what they think is best for us instead of actually speaking to us to figure out what we need and what we want. I recently saw on twitter a post from a politician in San Francisco calling for the legalization of Sex Work in her district. Many sex workers on the post have asked her to collaborate WITH sex workers on her proposal, because we want decriminalization, not legelization. I haven’t seen her respond to a single person who has asked this of her. Please stop speaking for us and actually work with us. We know better than anyone what our industry needs.

Asking to collaborate on Content

If I had a dollar for every time some random dude on instagram, twitter or my paid platforms asked to collaborate with me on content… I would never have to create content again!! STAHHHPPPP Seriously, no one, not one single person, is going to agree to have sex with you on camera just because you follow them on social media or subscribe to thier paid platforms. Most content creators have partners they make content with, or work with other, well established content creators. We’re vetting everyone we come in contact with, testing, The Works! Not one single content creator likes being asked to collaborate. So please stop it.

Asking for Freebies

When you ask for free content, you’re basically telling us you dont value our time and work. If you want free content, go to pornhub, if you want my content, subscribe or tip. This goes for any sex worker and content creator. If you cant pay, you cant play.

These are our top picks for things we wish you would stop doing. And again, there’s so much more! Please be respectful of our time, of our efforts and of our voices. Work with us, not against us or “for” us. See you in tomorrows blog 😘 Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff.

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