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Ten Tips for Success

Are you really into social media, and have amassed a bit of a following that the casual user would be jealous of? Are you looking for a way to make more money from your fans? If so, then you should consider signing up for a fan subscription platform. These platforms allow your fans to pay a monthly fee in order to support you and receive exclusive content and rewards. In todays blog post, we will discuss 10 tips that will help you make the most of these platforms and increase your income!

1. Get creative with your subscription offers

Think outside the box when it comes to creating subscription packages. These should include exclusive content, rewards, or discounts that will entice your fans to subscribe. Keep it fun with themes, changing up your aesthetics, and don’t be afraid to play! People subscribe to see the fun side of you too. Try to designate certain days of the week for special types of posts, this in turn gives your followers something to look forward to and helps incorporate you into someone’s daily life. People are creatures of habit, and if you insert yourself into someone’s habitual routine, you are more likely to retain that subscription.

2. Promote your subscription package on all of your social media channels

Make sure all of your fans know about the awesome subscription package you are offering. We’ve covered promoting in previous blogs that you can find Here

3. Engage with your fans

The more engaged your fans are, the more likely they will be to subscribe. Do QnA’s on social media and focus on answering questions that set you up to answer in a way that will plant a seed of curiosity. Always find natural opportunities to mention your paid content that don’t feel like advertisements. Make content that is naturally geared towards consumers interested in your content (dating advice, how to dress, how to get the girl, sports, etc)

4. Focus on creating high quality content

Quality over quantity! Make sure all of the exclusive content you provide to your fans is high quality and worth their money. Don’t recycle content from your social media accounts for your paid platforms. People are paying to see you, so don’t give them the same thing every on on instagram can see too. One strategy I use is to do a whole photoset, half of which you can see on my social media and the other half which is too naughty for instagram 😉 fans love this! Try it out.

5. Give incentives for subscribing

Offer special deals or discounts to those who subscribe. This will encourage them to sign up and keep coming back for more. Sales are a great marketing tool for getting people in the door as well. Don’t underestimate the power of a good sale. Freebies are another great option, everyone loves a freebie so if you offer some sort of free item to new subscribers, they’ll be more likely to come over. One way of doing this is to advertise on a site like Unfiltrd “New subscribers get X in their inbox when they dm me a 🍑 after subscribing” Not every sub is going to follow through on this but those that do will be happy they did.

6. Try offering tiers

Create different levels of subscriptions with different price points so that your fans can choose which one works best for them. Platforms like Unfiltrd offer a subscription tier set up. A tier focus allows you to offer content to all types of supporters and doesn’t make anyone feel left out.

7. Use analytics

Analyze the data you collect from your fan subscription platform to determine which strategies are working and which ones need improvement, and which should just be scrapped. We love a good scheduling tool that also allows you to track all of your social media accounts in one place. Our favorite is Metricool and you can read why we love it Here Analytics will also help you learn the best time to post content to your social media to drive traffic to your FSPs

8. Ask your fans what they want

Do market research by asking your fans what kind of exclusive content, rewards, and discounts they would like to see. Conduct polls that allow members to feel that they are in control of the content. Both twitter and instagram allow you to create polls, instagram in the stories, twitter on your feed. This is a great way to not only boost engagement but also get an idea of what your followers are looking for when subscribing to content creators. Follow through with the winning Poll Item. Say you do a Christmas poll; What kind of cosplay should I wear for this shoot: 1. Santa, 2. elf, 3. Reindeer: if reindeer wins the poll you should make sure to do a shoot in reindeer themed cosplay.

9. Offer free trials

Letting your fans try out a subscription package for free can be a great way to get them hooked on the content you provide. This is an especially good approach with subscription tier models. Offering a free tier will get more users in the door and they could either commit to the long term on that package or even upgrade to a higher tier. With Unfiltrd, the user subscribing to your free trial will get the whole month for free. To avoid a lot of new users signing up with do not intend to subscribe in the long run, make sure your signup period is very short. No more than a day or to.

10. Stay organized

Make sure you are keeping track of all of your subscriber’s information, payments, which videos or photos you’ve sent them and which ones you haven’t. Also organize your content. Having your content organized into folders based on month or what ever naming convention works for you will help you keep track of content when users ask for items from specific shoots. Not to mention it will save you a lot of time and prevent you from sending the same content to a fan twice.

There’s our ten tips! Put these to work for you and you’ll hit the ground running when you start your fan subscription page

See you tomorrow! Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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