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The 7 secrets to success on a Fan Subscription Platform:

Since the pandemic begin people have been flocking to fan subscription platforms as a way to earn some additional income or to replace their income entirely. If you’re considering joining a site like Onlyfans, todays blog is for you. Today we’re coming at you with the 7 secrets to success regardless of which fan subscription platform you choose to go with.

1. Find Your Niche

We covered the importance of finding your niche in this Blog, but we’re going to recap it here for you: Finding your niche is hands down one of the most important things you will do when you start your fan subscription platform (FSP). This will determine your audience and in this industry the right audience is everything. What is a niche, well its basically where in the industry your content is going to fit and earn the most. Unfiltrd CEO Stepanka Matto has a great “Girl next door” vibe that she uses as her niche. Other content creators are either fit and athletic, curvy, busty, E-girl, etc. Identify your niche and stick with it.

2. Create Great Content

We don’t mean every piece of content you create needs to be professional quality. That would be unattainable for most content creators. But your content should be clean, well lit, and properly edited. Stage an area or two in your home to be used for filming content. It should be aesthetically appealing, uncluttered and well lit. Use this area for filming content. Check out this blog here for more on what you’ll need to produce great content

3. Engage With Your Fans

Engage with your fans! These are the people that you are wanting to con vert to paying subscribers. Give them a reason to subscribe. Part of your niche is also your personality. You need to show your personality, even if it’s completely fabricated, to get the attention you need from fans. Respond to comments and messages on social media platforms. Make them want more from you by giving them just enough on socials to convert them over.

4. Build a Personal Brand

This one also kind of ties in with your niche. You hear a lot about “Branding” in the corporate world- or at least I did- and it really comes down to building a reputation around yourself that is easily recognizable as you. Stepanka has developed a brand around being the 90 Day Fiancé Star turned Fart-repreneur turned CEO as her brand and it has worked really well for her. Curate your work and your personality into your brand.

5. Be consistent

Constancy is key in anything you do. Especially when building a fan base. It’s very important to stick with a posting schedule on both social media and your FSP. This will help you build the fan base quicker as people will be waiting for your post and messages around a certain time and day. For example; on onlyfans I send out a mass DM every day at the same time except on Sundays. With a much smaller audience on Unfitlrd, I send out less frequently but still on a consistent basis. On Instagram I post every day but Tuesday and Sunday, using analytics to determine when content is just going to waste, and when it’s going to get the most engagement. We discuss consistency is more detail in our Side Hustle to Main Gig Blog.

6. Patience, Young Padawan

A lot of new creators come into this expecting to make six figures in their first week. I can tell you that unless you already have millions of followers on social media waiting for you to announce you’ve set up an FSP, this wont be happening. It took me years of consistently building up a fan base to become financially independent by using an FSP. Before leaving the corporate world all together, I worked a full time job and did onlyfans on the side. Don’t quit your day job just yet. Make sure you’re patient and building up a steady source of income before you get into this full time.

Network Network Network

regardless of the industry, networking is always going to help you grow and move up. The FSP industry is no different. Networking with other creators, especially those within your niche, will be mutually beneficial. You’re each working with each other to grow your audience. being exposed to a larger content creator audience helps you gain new followers. Reach out to creators in your niche to do what we call a SFS or share for share. most creators will be happy to share you to their stories, some will even do it to their feeds. Cat and I, in her interview last week, discussed the importance of networking and not burning bridges with other content creators.

Bonus Tip

Use this and our other blogs as a roadmap to your success on what ever fan subscription platform you chose to go with. Unfiltrd posts daily blogs about the fan subscription platform industry, and the sex worker industry to help new and tenured creators make more money and better manage time and resources. We host monthly creator workshops for our creators and Stepanka offers personal advice for any Unfitlrd creator that reaches out to her for help via her Stepanka Admin account on

Until next time. Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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