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The Truth About Feet

With the birth of only fans and the rise in the online gig economy, a lot of people are turning to their feet in hopes of making money. We’re going to address the realities of this market in todays blog.

This ain’t it…

Say you’re a college student looking to make a little more income on the side, or you’re looking to supplement your income from that shitty job you have. You keep seeing these funny reels on instagram or tiktok about how all the debts been paid off and it flashes to the partner taking a few quick snaps of their feet… Yea, this ain’t it, and thats not how any of this works.

In reality…

In all actuality you need a lot more than a few snaps of your feet to make any kind of money as an online content creator. There are a select few who could get away with taking a few lackluster snapshots of their feet and make bank. Cardi B is the first that comes to mind… maybe. You really have to have a huge, highly engaged following to manage something like this. In order to really make any kind of content from your feet, you have to be willing to dive head first into the kink, this means perfectly pedicured feet doing some naughty naughty things. And you have to have an engaging persona behind it to boot. Your 5 second pedicure clip is not going to check any of those boxes. Now, if you do have the full nudity, naughty foot content your clients are looking for, you could make some decent money from your foot content. And maybe you will get a couple of tips for that pedicure content. Some people like to see this in context to what they could be expecting later on.

Give Them What They Really Want

I know we harp a lot about personality and connecting with your fan base. But we do so because it is one of the most important things you can do to make money. This whole industry is not just about the feet and the porn and the porn with feet. It’s about the connections fans can make to the persona behind the content. If they want porn, they’ll go to PornHub. If they want to feel like they’re getting one rubbed out by your cute little toes, they’ll come to you. And with all of the feet related content saturating the market, you have to make them want to come to you.


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