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The Ultimate Spicy Creator Survival Guide

Being a spicy content creator may seem like it's just glitz, glamor, and money, but in reality there are many challenges of this line of work. From the mental health toll to the blowback socially this career choice comes with, there is no shortage of drama, problems, and negativity when entering this world. In today's blog, I am going to share with you 7 survival tips in this guide for making it in this industry. Making money is only one part of the equation, and being able to conduct business while also keeping all of your ducks in a row and mental health in check is absolute KEY. I have been in this industry for about 7+ years now, and these are the things I've learned along the road to success:

  1. Create a community but keep it business! Now what does this mean exactly? This means a number of things. Obviously the best content creators are the ones that hone the most engagement and loyalty from their followers. But there has to be a line drawn in the sand between fans and friends. Much of the time, we may get too closer to followers, which I think can sometimes be a disservice to you, and force you to lower pricers or even give things away for free. Keep in mind that this is a business and that your time, body, and energy is VALUABLE. Keeping it business also means keeping politics, religion, and anything controversial to yourself (unless you really feel this is a part of your brand).

  2. Don't get INVOLVED This may seem very simliar to number one on this list, however not getting involved with fans and creators is something that needs to be dissected further. Getting too invovled with fans can be hugely tolling on your mental health. Set aside hours for when you are chatting and "on", but make sure to make time for yourself and your personal relationships. This also goes for any personal relationships you may forge with fellow content creators. Having friendships on a business level with other creators is important because collaborating is a great growth tool. However, as someone who has been on social media, television, and now a spicy creator - I can say that this industry is RIPE with jealousy, cattyness, competitiveness, toxicity, and the list goes on. At every corner you are sure to run into a "hater" or someone who does not have your best interest at heart. This. is why it is so important to keep a clear mind and clear focus on your goals. Drama, hate, judgement are all inescapable realities of this industry, and the only thing you have control over is your response to it. And the best response? No response at all.

  3. DON'T Compare! My best friend and fellow content creator Brett Rossi just hosted a creator workshop this past week and she gave an extremely important piece of advice to creators. Don't compare yourself to other creators, you are the only one that you should be in competition with. There are so many creators in this industry and there is certainly no lack of competition - but there is only ONE of you. Create your own niche, market yourself in creative ways, and create content that you are truly proud of. There are others out there looking at you, comparing themselves, and feeling not good enough, so don't repeat that cycle!

  4. DON'T Procrastinate & Stay Organized. Procrastination in this industry ultimately results in content and work not getting done, and your business falling apart. And the further you stray from deadlines and goals, the harder it is to claw your way back up to the top. You absolutely must take this business seriously if you want to make serious earnings, and in order to run a serious busines you must create deadlines for yourself. I recommend download a scheduling or productivity app, and using that to keep yourself on track (especially if you have ADHD like I do). Releasing content in a timely manner, responding to messages in a good time frame, are all important aspects to running your business. Don't push things off longer than they need to be pushed off.

  5. Don't Make Excuses. For every reason you could have done something better, there is also a way you could have actually done it better. For every problem, there is a solution. And if the solutions to challenges creators' face would be simple, everyone would have everything all figured out. I always tell people, that it's normal to have challenges in life that interfere with work. However, if roadblocks are constantly popping up, is it really just an unfortunate coincidence or a choice you are repeating over and over again? If you feel there is a problem you are facing as a creator; whether it be slow earnings, a decrease in traffic, or lack of subscribers, take an introspective look at yourself and your work, and make a gameplan. The most successful people are the ones that get going when the going gets tough.

  6. Explore & Have Fun! Exploring and having fun with your content is so important to keeping things fresh and exciting for yourself and your fans. Things can get stale, repetitive, and boring if you are just always doing the same thing over and over again. Mix up the scenery, use costumes, and try something fun that makes you excited about creating content. This can mean so many things such as collaborating with a new creator, or renting an AirBnb to get some special content with a new scenery. The best thing about exploring and having fun with your content is not only will it increase interest and engagement from your fans - but it will give you a sense of pride and joy for creating content! For example, this week I am taking a 2 day trip to the mountains to stay in a cabin and shoot some new content. There will be a jacuzzi, amazing scenery, and so much opportunity to create something that fans have never seen from me before!

  7. Interact! It's not all about just posting pictures and content. The real thing that members want from YOU is connection. Now as I mentioned in my first two points, you don't want that connection to take a toll on your real life, but that doesn't mean you can't create exciting interactions and experiences for fans. If they wanted JUST porn, they would go to PornHub or other websites which offer content for free. They are looking for conversation, connection, and a sense of intimacy when it comes to the sexy images and videos you send them. Ask questions like what they did during the week, or what their favorite things to do are. Remember small details and make fans feel special. Let them experience your personality and sexy side. When you interact with fans and build an onlinefriendship, they will continue to come back to your page. They will choose YOU and your content over and over again, because you give them a feeling of importance and something that feels real. That's something not many creators do, and so if you do this, you will 100% stand out.

If you take all 7 of these survival tips and apply them to your job as a content creator, their is no doubt that it will improve your work quality, mental health, and increase your earnings. Having amazing content, earnings, and an experience on sites like Unfiltrd doesn't come easily. You have to put in the work and have perseverance to make it in this industry! Keep your head up, keep creating, and keep being the best version of you possible!

Good luck!

Stepanka aka Stephanie


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