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The (un) Glamourous reality of being a content creator.

Have y’all seen this article about how much work it actually takes to be a content creator? It’s a pretty decent look inside the lives of content creators both big and small. It addresses the sheer amount of work that goes into something like this. We’re all really just small business owners. Though where other small businesses may hire someone to do their photography and manage their social media, we do it alone (in most cases).

Let’s talk about what it takes to actually be a content creator: You not only need to create content for your paid platform and your social media accounts but you also have to know how to market that platform to social media, you have to be a makeup artists, a hair stylist, depending on where you live, a nail tech, a wardrobe coordinator. You have to know how to light and edit photos and videos. Post content to your paid platforms, interact with your fans and subscribers. It’s a lot!

In my time as a content creator I’ve seen lot of new creators come in to this game expecting to post a couple of photos of say their feet and start making Stepanka levels of money. They don’t do any kind of meaningful marketing, they give no context, just post a picture of their feet with maybe a caption that says something like “Just got a pedicure”. The objective of this blog is not to call people out for this type of attempt at being a content creator. We’re here, first and foremost, to educate new and tenured creators alike.

Sadly the approach illustrated above is not going to work in this industry. As a lot of haters like to say “Google is free” and anyone can google a pair of feet and get that for free. Your goal as a content creator is to give them something they cant get for free, and that is the personal connection to the creator.

Developing that connection

if you saw our blog about Standing out from the crowd you’ll remember that we covered a lot of what you can do to stand out from all of the other content creators and retain your audience. This is extremely important in this industry. It keeps your people with you. For example. On Unfiltrd I have this one sub who has been with me since I joined in 2021. He subs to the highest tier, buys all of the one time purchase content I put up and interacts in my DMs on a regular? Why? Because I have developed the kind of relationship with him where he feels like he has a connection. There are times where I will send him early access content, he gets it before it goes up on the feed. Other times he’s already purchased content directly from me that I’ll later put up as a one time buy, and he’ll buy it again. Once he realizes he’s already purchased it he’ll reach out with a “DOOHH” and a “Well I love supporting you anyway so no big deal!”

This is the type of relationship you want to be building with as many of your followers as you can! They cant get that type of interaction from Google! And it builds up fan loyalty that we’re always talking about.

Not sure where to start

Thats okay! We were all new at this at one point in time. Some of us had to figure it out by trial and error. Others had help from SWers they knew that were already in the online industry. The main point of the Unfiltrd blog is to help you learn how to market and promote your site, and educate you on the ins and outs of this industry. We want you to be as successful as you can here. In addition to the Blog, Stepanka also sends out weekly promotional tips on Unfiltrd straight to your Unfiltrd Inbox and there are monthly creator workshops where Stepanka and other tenured creators take you through the ins and outs of Unfiltrd and using it to make the most money possible.

If you need help with promotion and marketing but our blogs dont cover it, send us a message! We’re always here to help.

Have a great tuesday, Sara Lyn Chacon Unfiltrd Staff

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