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Tips for Selling Items

Unfiltrd is one of the only fan subscription platforms that encourages you to sell those items other platforms prohibit. And we’re not charging you to make those sales either like some certain feet and pantie websites do. We’ll let you sell just about anything you want on unfiltrd as long as its not breaking any laws. This of course means that for the time being you cant sell anything that involves our favorite kind of weed 😜 Today we’re going to offer some safe strategies for selling your items while still maintaining your privacy.

PO Box

the very first thing you want to do when you start selling physical items is get a PO Box. We recommend getting a PO Box some place at least an hour from your home town, if not more, to maintain some privacy. Make a point of checking it one or two times a month depending on how often people may be sending you things or if items are returned. Having a PO Box allows you to put a return address on a package for incase it is returned or not deliverable.

Return Address

Always use your PO BOX, set up for this purpose, as your return address. Never use your actual address when sending these types of packages. You do not want the guy buying your panties to know where you live. Use the PO Box If you dont have a PO Box set up, do not include a return address, make sure the customer gets the tracking number when the package is sent out and that they’re aware that you are not responsible if the package gets lost after it ships.

Shipping Costs

With shipping costs on the rise, make sure your pricing for the items you’re selling to include the cost of shipping. Within the US you can expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $13to ship an envelope with a single pair of panties in it. Make sure you’re factoring those cost into your pricing. And if you’re offering to ship internationally, research ow much it will cost to ship to that country. You’d be surprised at how expensive that gets. Most customers expect to be paying for the panties, your time in them, and shipping. So make sure this is all factored into your pricing and you’re not low balling yourself. You can provide a detailed breakdown of costs if the customer questions the pricing.


Unfiltrd allows you to have a wishlist on your profile so your fans can purchase items for you to film in, or wear/use and send to them. However, we want you to be super careful about what services you use for your wishlist. For example; Amazon wishlists are the most popular but in the recent past we’ve started seeing that if the sender wishes to return an item purchased off of your wishlist, amazon provides them with the receivers address. We actually had a content creator gain a new stalker at her home and business because of this. Up to a year later, he was emailing her business about the item he purchased for her and her unfiltrd account. So when choosing a wishlist, make sure you find out if the return address is going to be provided, and if so, research a safer alternative. And again, use your PO Box if you have one, on everything that could have stuff sent to you.

Questions about selling items that we didn’t cover here today? Email us at, see you tomorrow, Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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