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Top 5 BEST (and Worst) Social Media Platforms for Adult Creators!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As a content creator in the adult space, I am aware of how difficult it may be to navigate the complex and ever-changing rules of nearly ALL platforms (both fan subscription and social media). However we have compiled a list of the top 5 best platforms to promote your spicy content on, as well as the worst. And in the case of the worst platforms, we’re including some tips on how to steer clear of any trouble from the community guidelines police or from the looming threat of being shadowbanned. Here goes!

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  1. Reddit: Reddit has been known for allowing a wide range of content and communities, often allowing users to create and moderate their own subreddits. However, they still have rules in place against certain illegal activities and harassment. Reddit has a ton of different communities and sub-communities where as long as moderators approve of the content (and moderators can be sticklers sometimes), you are in the clear! Reddit can also be a really great networking, idea-sharing, and informative tool for adult content creators! Just beware, some of the individuals who troll Reddit can be quite annoying.

  2. Twitter: If you are a sex worker or an avid porn-viewer, and you open up your Twitter feed, odds are you may find porn gracing your phone screen! Twitter has been pretty lax and friendly towards adult content. As of September 2021, Twitter’s policy on adult content allows for some forms of nudity and sexual content, but it has certain restrictions in place to ensure that this content is not exploitative, non-consensual, or violating their guidelines. However, with Elon Musk in charge now, these things are subject to change at anytime, which may leave creators feeling a little bit uneasy.

  3. Unfiltrd: We can’t fail to mention ourselves (and yes, you can call it stroking our ego)! In a sense, we are a social media platform, and have features such as shorties (similar to Tik Toks) and a discover and trending page. Our app looks more like a social media platform than most fan subscription platforms, and to the celebration of many of our creators we also have some of the most relaxed community guidelines in regards to content. We have branded ourselves as the space for creators by creators, and creators with several differents kinds of fetishes such as smoking love our platform!

  4. Tumblr: You may be thinking, is this 2015 or what? Tumblr used to be the premiere blogging spot for trendy scene kids, emo girls, and half naked hotties back in the 2010’s. In December 2018, Tumblr implemented a strict ban on all adult content, including explicit nudity and sexual content which came as a HUGE blow to one of it’s most thriving sub-genres on the platform. However, in December 2019, the platform announced that it would revise its policy and allow explicit content, effectively reversing the nudity ban. This is a pretty huge step forward for the platform, and opens it up to a whole new world of possibility when it comes to promoting and sharing your sexier content.

  5. *Controversial pick* Instagram: Yes, we know what you’re thinking with this one too. “Are you CRAZY?” And hear me out. Instagram has been known far and wide at banning NSFW content creators left and right. However, each and every day when I hop onto Instagram, I see so much content of creators in skimpy bikinis, lingerie, and even posting fetish-oriented content with relative ease. Yes, you may run into some issues if you post this type of content too frequently or have a hater reporting you – but for the most part, Instagram leaves you alone as long as what you’re posting is not overly sexual or showing flat out nudity. The platform has a relatively thriving community of sex workers sharing their lives and building curiosity for their spice sites.

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And now onto…THE WORST:

  1. Tik Tok: Maybe this one is a little bit personal since I lost my Tik Tok account of almost 120k followers (that I worked very hard on) all of a sudden. Since then I had created about 5 different accounts, all which were removed for non-nude, non-explicit content. All because I talked about “fart jars” and about the potential sale of them to fans. I guess this was too much for Tik Tok? However, this type of content has never been striked, removed, or flagged by Instagram or any other platform I’ve posted it to. Tik Tok can be selective about the type of content they allow but it is by far the most useful promotional tool for creators, as well as the easiest to grow on. So it really makes sense, that after so many adult workers’ accounts have been banned, they still return time and time again to Tik Tok. The best way to overcome their community guidelines and not get banned or shadow banned? Don’t post explicit advertisements for you spicy page, and make your Tik Tok an organic and natural funnel for your Unfiltrd or Onlyfans. Don’t spell things out correctly if they deal with something sexual, and don’t show too much skin and you should be fine!

  2. YouTube: YouTube has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to content that is overly sexual or has crude language. YouTube used to be a much more free space for ALL types of creators back in the day, however, the platform has faced criticism for hosting controversial and harmful content in the past and this has led to advertisers also expressing concerns about their ads appearing alongside this content. In response, YouTube tightened its guidelines to create a safer and more brand-friendly environment. They have also made it clear that YouTube is also a safe place for young audiences. If you choose to post risque or slightly sexy content on YouTube, you will not be able to monetize your content. Your content will likely be supressed by the platform AND may also be removed. With that being said, growing a fan base on YouTube is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do, and if you find a way to showcase your personality and life to viewers without being too sexy or explicit, you will surely build a loyal and paying following for your fan subscription platforms.

  3. Facebook: Most people don’t think of Facebook as a great place to promote their sexy side hustle, because afterall, who wants their family or friends from high school knowing what they do? To top it all off, Facebook has some of the tightest and toughest moderation online. Facebook uses a combination of automated systems and human content reviewers to enforce its Community Standards. Content that violates these standards may be removed, and accounts that repeatedly violate the rules may face penalties, including suspension or permanent removal! And they do not kid around with fan subscription content. That being said, some groups of NSFW creators find loopholes on Onlyfans and create communities where they can network, and some models even sucessfully have “business” pages for their “modeling” that work as a convenient funnel for the site. It’s definitely something worth looking into, as long as the chance of your ex-boss or teacher from High School finding your page doesn’t bother you too much!

  4. Onlyfans: Onlyfans, in August of 2021 made the abrupt announcemet that they’d remove explicit content, and then shortly after reversed that decision. Since this alarming event, Onlyfans has iced out sex workers and spicy content creators in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways. From only promoting and suggesting SFW content on their platform to removing content and issuing strikes without warning, Onlyfans has definitely made it clear that they are not an ally of adult content creators. Nonetheless, Onlyfans is the most giant of the fan subscription platforms and has the most brand recognition which is why still so many people flock to it as a source of income and content!

  5. *Controversial pick* Snapchat: I know this one might cause a little bit of a stir, but hear me out. Of my nearly a decade being on social media I have only ever been banned TWICE. Once was on Tik Tok, and second was on Snapchat. Why? I’m not even quite sure. I shared a photo of myself fully clothed, and linked my onlyfans (which I was on at the time). During this time, Snapchat had no problem with me sharing the link but on this occassion they decided to go ahead and ban my account. I had nearly 160,000 followers and this platform was. a huge source of traffic for me. The fact that it came so suddenly and I was given no warnings was highly disappointing. In the end, Snapchat can be a useful tool to promote your sexy sites, as long as you go about sharing your links carefully. Make sure you use a linktree instead of a direct link, and also make sure to be clear to fans that if they want to chat – to go to your sites. Some fans may get the wrong idea that you have a ton of available time to waste chatting on Snapchat, and your time is valuable. Monetize it on your site!

I hope this list leads you in the right direction of where to focus your time and resources – and remember – as long as you are having fun, being authentic, and seeing results, it doesn’t matter where you promote and upload your content! Just make sure to keep in mind the constantly changing guidelines of these pages, and always have a back up plan for when things don’t go as planned. As always, Unfiltrd will be the faithful home for NSFW content, and that is something we never intend on changing.


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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