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Top 5 Essentials for Being a Content Creator!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023


Here are Brett Rossi’s top 5 essentials for being a content creator. Brett Rossi is a veteran in the adult content creation industry, having pivoted from mainstream to fan subscription. She has made the successful transition and here are her favorite products that she recommends!

Now that we have established you want to be a content creator, I made this list of essentials that will help you (a content creator) get started on creating a quality product that will help you make money.

(1) GOOD LIGHTING Good lighting is essential to not only create solid content, but also boost your confidence! Lighting can change a drab photo or video into fab! My favorite light that I use is the Neewer 660 RGB Led Video Light with APP Control. I like that it has many different settings and lighting features to choose from. I’ve used it for content creation and even professionally while I was on set as a make-up artist!

(2) CAMERA REMOTE A lot of the tripod stands that you purchase come with little remotes to control your ability to take pictures and videos with your phone, however I have found MOST of the remotes that are provided suck, which is why I was so happy when I found the TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod All-in-1 with Integrated Wireless Remote. I really enjoy the aspect that the remote not only is rechargeable, but it attaches to the tripod so you can keep everything together for more convenience.

(3) TRIPOD The above brings me to the next essential item on my list and that is a good tripod. Sure, we all have been there – propping up our phones in order to get the best shot. However, we are professionals now! Just kidding, but seriously … a tripod will help make your life so much easier while you are creating content. As I stated above, I truly love the TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod All-in-1 with Integrated Wireless Remote.

(4) Wardrobe It doesn’t have to be the fanciest, shnazziest, most expensive lingerie, however having a good variety to mix things up is a good idea. Not to mention, you can find some really inexpensive and sexy lingerie right on Amazon! And after you’re finished using the lingerie? Just put it up for auction and make some money off of it! Amazon has some great finds! Check out a few of these in Stepanka’s amazon shopfront:

(5) Location Just like the wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be the fanciest location at all. In fact, you can shoot your content in your very own bedroom OR you can rent a location. If you’re on a budget, I recommend to tidy up a small area in your home, give it some good lighting, throw on some sexy lingerie and you are set! However, if you are bored with shooting content in the same areas of your home, you could always rent a hotel, studio, or house to mix things up. You can check sites like peerspace for content creator friendly locations. Oh! and one last thing – the best part of this list is that everything I mentioned above is a tax write off! Enjoy and have fun!!

xoxo Brett Rossi

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