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Top 5 Onlyfans Alternatives in 2023

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Onlyfans may be the biggest fan subscription platform but creators have quickly learned from the platform’s changing rules and shunning of adult content creators that it is best to never keep all of your eggs in one basket. In fact, most adult content creators these days are at least one or 2 other platforms in order to diversify their income and protect themselves! While some people think that this isn’t wise, and having too many platforms is confusing to your fans, we think quite the opposite! However, it is more important than ever to make sure you are on platforms that stand by adult content creators and represent YOUR best interests. Here are the top 5 platforms that you should consider joining for an alternative source of income and why!

  1. I know this may seem like we are tooting our own horn, but hear me out. Unfiltrd is a platform that was truly built for creators by fellow creators. Most of the company’s employees are either veterans of the industry and/or content creators. From the bottom to the top, every aspect of Unfiltrd is designed to empower and protect adult creators. If that weren’t enough, Unfiltrd has a web app that allows you to receive notifications when your fans are messaging, tipping, or subscribing to you, as well as a multitude of features that can’t be found on any other platform. Not to mention, if you become an Unfiltrd ambassador you can enjoy many perks such as a super low platform fee of 15%. Some of the notable features on Unfiltrd are digital auctions, private ticketed events, and a booking tool called “rendez-vous” that allows you to set your available dates and times each week for fans to pay and reserve. What’s also great about the “instagram-like” design of the platform is that it is so different from Onlyfans and other sites. That is great news because creators can easily have their Unfiltrd page co-exist with their other platforms without clashing. Unfiltrd truly cares for their creators, and even hosts nationwide events at their partner Deja Vu’s clubs so that creators can network and meet with fans in person. Unfiltrd may just be at the start of a revolution in this industry! 2. Fansly Fansly quickly skyrocketted to creators’ radars when Onlyfans made the abrupt announcement that they would be removing explicit content from their platform. During those weeks that this announcement was rattling the industry, hundreds of thousands of creators made the switch to Fansly. And while Onlyfans did change their mind and reversed their decision, I can totally understand why Fansly still remains a power player in the industry. Fansly certainly feels a lot like Onlyfans (and even the color scheme is similar)! Fansly has many of the same features as Onlyfans, and has improved on some of the shortcomings of it’s predecessor. Unfortunately, for smaller or “kink-friendly” creators, Fansly may not feel like the comfy, cozy home for their content they seek. Regardless, Fansly is a well-recognized platform that seems to stand with adult content creators for the time being which is why it’s made #2 on the list! 3. Chaturbate According to the AustinChronile, “Chaturbate is arguably the largest live cam site online right now, and you won’t be wrong to think that it’s also the most popular. With millions of horny viewers and hundreds of thousands of cam models performing live with their webcams on Chaturbate, it’s no wonder that it’s a juggernaut in the camming industry“. But why is that? Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is the giant of sexy camming and why you should check it out as an extra source of income! First thing’s first, the site seems to be easy to navigate and create a profile on. Fans can purchase tokens which they can send then send to you via tips. It’s also a very amateur-friendly & LGBTQ+ friendly space which we highly appreciate! 4. SextPanther Are you an amazing sexter and looking for a platform that will help you profit off of that? Sextpanther is something to definitely check out and try if you want something that feels a little different from the usual fan subscription platform. Much like Unfiltrd, you are able to set a price for each text or per minute for video calls. Unfortunately, it is not so great at being a subscription platform, so if it’s sexting that you mainly want to focus on, this would be a great alternative. Sexting is a valuable tool for making income, and when so much of our day is spent texting friends and family, why not utilize your free time and make some extra money sexting? We also believe that due to the name and nature of the site, they won’t be kicking off sex workers anytime soon either! 5. LoyalFans According to the Loyalfans website, “ is a privately held company whose foundation is built on over 35 years of experience in the adult industry”. We respect that a lot, and we also love how the platform doesn’t shy away from it’s affiliation with amateur and professional sex workers! Loyalfans also has pretty damn good discovery features which allows all types of creators to have their content get found. The platform can, at times, feel overwhelming because of the amount of features and it’s slightly busy design, but we do really love that they have one on one video calls, a video store, as well as subscription options! So what is the benefit of having two or possibly more fan subscription platforms or camming sites in your linktree? The benefit is, that many of these platforms offer something unique for your fans, and the more places you have your content, the more likely you are to be discovered by potential subscribers. Sometimes having too many platforms can confuse your fans, however, so make sure to be very clear on what you offer on each platform. We suggest that when placing a platform in your linktree, to add a little note next to it with a brief insight into what sets this platform apart from the others. You can also let your fans know what to expect when they go there. Wherever you choose to make your money and upload your content, make sure to stay consistent and learn the community guidelines before beginning your journey! Best of luck & success! Xoxo Stephanie aka Stepanka

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