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Unfiltrd Support: When to reach out and what to expect.

As changes have come to the site and things are forever in motion, I wanted to address Support. More specifically when you should open a ticket and what we (I) need when you do open a ticket.

So todays blog is going to go over some of the things you can do to make your support experience easier, as well as some related information to the different roles of our staff, moderation and payment details.

Be Concise and Detailed

When contacting support, clarity and detail are essential. Provide a concise yet thorough description of your issue. The more information you give us from the start, the quicker we can resolve your concerns. If you're contacting support about a pay issue, I can get your information to payment processing much faster if you give me as much information as possible about the transaction in question. I'll need information such as: Amount, Date and Time Requested and Status- is it still pending or has it been paid. If youre opening a ticket about site issues, such as not being able to upload content, describe exactly what is going on, what kind of device your using, are you on wifi or cellular, as well as send a screen recording. If I get this information upfront I can forward it to our development team immediately instead of going back and forth on all the details dev is going to need before they can start looking at where the issue may lie.

*Please note: Development, also known as Dev, is not client facing and they can not be contacted directly.

One Ticket Per Issue

To maintain efficiency in our help desk, please open only one ticket per issue. Submitting multiple tickets for the same concern can slow down our response time, as it clogs up the system. I know you're opening tickets to get assistance with a specific issue, but if I have 5 tickets from you for one issue, my desk gets cluttered and I lose track of where I am with your issue and if I am waiting for a response from another team or if it is new. If you want an update on your ticket, respond to your exisiting ticket. If you have duplicate tickets of the same issue, I'll close your duplicate tickets, and link your existing ticket that I am already working on.

Understanding Different Roles

Unfiltrd has different departments for specific functions:

  • Support Team: Reach out to them for general support issues. Can contact security and payment processing. Also handles moderation.

  • Security Team: Contact them only for security-related concerns. Does not have access to support.

  • Payment Processing: Support contacts payment processing for payment related queries. Support does not have access to the same systems as payment processing.

Remember, directing your query to the appropriate team ensures a faster and more accurate response. Security cannot, and will not, help you with support issues unless they are directly related to security concerns, such as content leaks, and Community Guideline concerns. The Stepanka Admin account, other content creators and social media are not support.

Patience with Moderation

Our moderation process is manual and handled by a small team. Moderation is typically checked every 1-3 hours from 7am EST to 10pm EST. Some days it may take a little longer. Please do not open a support ticket regarding moderation if you made a post at 9 am and it hasnt posted by 12:15pm. We promise we will get to it.

One way to insure that your post are going live when you want them to is to use the scheduling tool. If you schedule your content out, it all goes to moderation at once. Once its approved by the moderators, it will post as scheduled.

5. Payout Schedules

Please note that payouts are not completed on weekends or holidays. They are processed on business days, and the timing can vary depending on your country. Patience is appreciated during these times. Business Days: What Are They?

  • Think of business days as the 'regular' days when banks and most offices are up and running. That's usually Monday to Friday.

  • But here's the catch: if it's a public holiday (like Christmas or Independence Day), even if it's a Tuesday, it's not a business day. Banks are usually closed, and things slow down.

Non-Business Days: The Chill Days

  • These are your weekends – Saturday and Sunday – when most banks take a break.

  • Plus, those public holidays I mentioned. If it's a day for fireworks or turkey dinners, don't count on banks doing much.

ACH Transfers: A Bit About Timing

  • ACH transfers are like sending money via email but through banks. It's used a lot for stuff like direct deposits or paying bills.

  • Normally, it takes about 1 to 3 business days. If you send money on Friday afternoon, it might not get moving until Monday.

What About Wire Transfers?

  • These can take a bit longer, usually around 1 to 5 business days. It all depends on where you're sending money and which banks are playing ball.

Bottom Line

  • Business days are your Monday to Friday, minus any holidays. That's when your money moves.

  • ACH is slower but cheaper, great for regular payments. Just remember the 1-3 day thing.

  • International wires are your fast track for sending money abroad, but give it up to a week, just in case.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Support Experience:

  • Keep Correspondence Organized: If you’ve had prior communication with support, keep it handy for reference.

  • Respect and Patience: Our support team works diligently to assist you. Treating them with respect and understanding goes a long way.

  • Feedback Matters: After your issue is resolved, feel free to provide feedback. It helps us improve our service.

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates or changes on the platform that might affect your queries or usage.

So those are my tips for interacting when support and when you should or should not open a ticket with us.

K love you byeeeeee

Sara Lyn

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