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Upcoming Creator Workshop

Some of you may have seen in your unfiltrd inbox today that the next creator workshop is coming right up! This is an opportunity to learn from Stepanka some of the best ways to promote your pages, utilize social media and make more money! Today’s blog is going to be a refresher course in the last creator workshop. And next week, we will have another ICYMI blog to recap the new workshop.

Use Sales

You can use sales on unfiltrd to help boost earnings, this past week we’ve spent a lot of time in our blogs talking about different occasions to have sales for so we wont harp on about those any further. Here are some of Stephanies tips from last night. Promote those sales and freebies on your socials and on the platform: this will help you be discovered by members already on the platform by getting you on the discovery and trending pages, Use your shorties to promote your sales as well. If you have rare or specific content promote it on socials and be as specific as you can with what kind of content it is without getting community guidelines strikes. If you’re promoting on insta, post multiple photos or reels. Reels tend to do better but photo carousels are good for keeping people engaged with your content too. Use hashtags on posts that fits your niche. If you’re a curvy creator use curvy tags, gamer or alt girl, use tags related to that niche. Also use the unfiltrd tags. #unfiltrd #unfiltrdHoney

Do Q&As in your instagram story to engage with your followers, answer the questions that are most engaging and will allow you to plug your unfiltrd page and any sales you may have going on.

use language like “Ask me about finsta and how to get access” forces them to engage and you can then sell them on the free aspect of the platform. (We cover more on this later on) Look at our instagram and see what the unfiltrd insta is doing to get an idea of what you can do for content, be aware of community guidelines when posting to instagram. They’re very strict and the wrong language or image can get your account removed. If you have a Facebook account, that you use for promoting, link it to your instagram. This allows you to automatically share posts from instagram to your Facebook feed. Having Facebook and instagram linked can also help you link your insta to a scheduling app if you want to automate some stuff for busier creators! We like Metricool because it gives you 50 free scheduled posts a month across multiple platforms and is super easy to use.

How to Have a Successful Auction

Before posting an auction you should poll your followers about what type of content or items they would want to bid on. This will ensure that you have some interest in the item if you know there are at least a couple of members that would bid. You can do this by sending a simple message to your followers like “hey, if I do an auction, what would you like to see go up?” or you can use twitter or instagram to create a poll with a list of items you have, use the most voted for item in your auctions.

Tease the auctions and hype it up. Spend at least a week teasing and hyping up the upcoming auction. Engage your social media audience with the prospect of being able to own a rare item or piece of rare content from you.

Once you’ve started the auction make sure you promote it every single day so people dont forget. They cant bid if they forget it’s happening. Encourage people to be competitive in bidding. Use social media to hype up current bids and time remaining on the auction. Especially as you get to the latter portion of the auction and its close to ending. Give your followers FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Dont price your auction too high, too high a starting price will actually discourage bidding. Pricing your auction low will encouraging bidding to start and with the right hype and promotion can push the bids over what you would usually price such an item for.

Use the lot as the item name, Make it descirptive and creative. Add a great item description. This is especially important if you’re auctioning digital content.

In the preview make sure to really sell the auction make sure its high quality previews.

Make it as long as possible and give people continuous updates. The maximum auction time is 7 days. We recommend setting it for the full 7 days and having it end at the end of the week, Saturday or Sunday, so that it falls around payday when your fans are more likely to have expendable income for bidding on your item.

Make sure if it’s digital, that it’s super rare, a one time thing. If it’s something you’ve already posted on Unfiltrd, sent out as a PPV, or even posted on another platform, its not rare and therefore doesn’t have the scarcity needed to boost bids.

How to get more in tips

Build your free following and engaging with your free followers. A great way to build your free following is to utilize social media to convert people over to unfiltrd. You can use methods such as offering free content for new followers, or letting your followers know that you’re more responsive to messages on unfiltrd than you are on socials. Use phrases shared by Steph in our Promoting Tips Ep1blog. Keeping your messages free during a growth phase also ensures that your followers have an open door to you and will be more likely to engage and eventually convert to a paying sub.

Getting Sexty with it

Sexting is a huge money maker in this industry and having the right strategy for sexting can make you a lot more money.

To start make sure to price your rates accordingly. Steph has a of $30 for 10 minutes or $90 for 30 minutes. Most members will want the 30 minute package. You don’t have to use Steph’s model, price your rates to what you feel feel your time is worth.

You can also offer packages that include photos and videos for higher price points and longer periods of time. These are usually a pre-selected set of photos and videos but doing them in real time could add to the excitement for both of you. Use language to work them up “do you like this” also ask them what they want to see and have some POV footage available as unlockable asking for tips prior to sending the images. POV footage and images will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Make sure to keep you customer turned on! The more turned on the person, the more likely they’re to pay to unlock.

Have a sexting menu ready so you can send it when people ask about sexting. You can use free apps like Canva to create a sexting menu.

Referral Program Tips

We love our referral program, it’s one of the best in the industry! Lets cover some tricks for boosting your referral earnings:

Posting your referral link everywhere, in your stories, on your link tree and even in twitter posts can help boost your earnings. If you use a scheduling tool like Mtricool you can even schedule post with your link to go up a few times a week. This works really well for twitter.

Send your link to creators you know that are interested in branching out or leaving the platform they’re currently using. Use social media such as tiktok to gather referrals. Create reels and tiktoks talking about unfiltrd and how much money you’re making with the platform, direct people to click your referral link, either in your stories or link tree. If your reel or TT goes viral, you could have a ton of new creator signups that would net you 5% of their earning for their life of your account!

Unfiltrd has a very Kink friendly approach and this is a great way to recruit friends complaining about their kink content being taken down from other platforms *ahem onlyfans and their water sports policies *

You can also use your member referral link to recruit members to the site. You earn 1% of everything a member spends for the first 180 days or 6 months on the platform. Use your member referral link on your social media promotions. The Unfiltrd Twitter page does a few drops a week where you can post your teaser and your links and we retweet them (I even sometimes retweet them to both the Unfiltrd and my personal twitter account) make sure to use your member referral links here! You can find the unfiltrd twitter from the hyperlink above.

Make Sure You Sign Up!

In your Unfiltrd Inbox you’ll have a message from Stepanka Admin with an invite link to sign up for the creator workshop. Make sure you follow this link and fill out the corresponding form to reserve your spot for the workshop and receive the invite to the workshop itself. We hope to see you there!! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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