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What to Do When Earnings are Low on Your Spicy Page!

Everyone at some point hits a plateau on their fan subscription page or a point where they are seeing a decrease in their revenue. It can be frightening, frustrating, and confusing - especially if you feel that you are doing the same amount and level of work as you've always done. Unfortunately this industry is highly saturated, competitive, and always evolving and changing. The good thing is, is that there are always solutions and strategies to turning around a declining page! Let's discuss exactly what you should do to see improvement on your page.

  1. Start a sale or a promotion. This may seem obvious, but this is oftentimes an overlooked strategy for getting people back in the door. It's also a great strategy for getting new people in the door. You may have a high churn rate on your page (which is very common on fan subscription platforms), and in order to overcome that constant in-and-out of subscribers and paying customers, you must always replace the ones you've lost with new, incoming fans. The best way to do that is to have a sale on your page that is appealing (the better the sale, the more effective). It's also good to do a 100% off sale on a subscription level or do a free trial for a day or two, just to bring in some new faces and potential spenders. You may be worried that anyone who joins during your free trial is a free-loader, and this does happen sometimes, BUT for every freeloader, you will also get someone really willing to spend money. Once you've put a sale on your page, it's also important to promote it. That doesn't mean just on social media, but also on your fan subscription page!

  2. Promote in different ways! Are you promoting a bunch on your socials and STILL not seeing an increase in your fans and revenue? When one thing isn't working, it's time to go back to the drawing board and see what you can do differently. If your promotions on social media are too frequent and too sales-y, your fans may be turned off by this and that is what may be preventing them from joining. Instead of using a pushy marketing approach, build intrigue and mystery around your page, and get people to WANT to click on the link in your bio. You can do this by creating reels, tik toks, or other forms of content that leave people wanting more. Maybe tease a new piece of content, or tell fans that you have posted something you've "never posted anywhere else before"! Building fomo (fear of missing out), is also great to do! Make your fans on your other social media platforms feel like they are NOT seeing and getting the full experience unless they're on your spicy page. If you feel that one social media platform, such as Instagram, is failing to draw in new customers - look to other sources! There are so many places to be found by interested customers, so don't limit yourself to only one social media platform.

  3. Re-engage! One huge mistake that I am seeing on Unfiltrd, is when creators have low engagement they tend to give up. There are many reasons why engagement might be low between you and your fans. For starters, you may be sending too many mass messages that are impersonal, and only seeking a customer to unlock and pay. You must build relationships with your customers, otherwise you will just be "another creator" to them. The way to do this is to first make sure your messages are set to "free" for ALL followers and non-subscribers. Then, make sure to send out a mass message or two, each day, that asks a questions or really starts a conversation with fans. Make the message feel personal, intimate, and so that fans are likely to want to reply. Once you have some replies rolling in, get the conversations going and ask lots of questions. Ask fans about their day, their lives, their pets, etc. The more you get to know them, and they get to know you, the more invested they will become in you and your content. This isn't a quick fix, and building back engagement and a relationship with your clients can take time. However, it is very rewarding, and will keep customers coming back for more and more!

  4. Raise Prices It may not make sense to always raise your prices, but if you see that your earnings are low and you want to increase them, sometimes it is good to look back and see what you are selling your content for. A lot of the time I see that creators are undercharging. Try raising your prices temporarily to see if you can earn more money that way. If you are afraid that the raise in prices will scare away customers, don't worry, because even if you send something for what one customer may think is too much, you can always lower the price. If a customer complains, offer them a solution, such as sending them a discounted version. Usually customers will appreciate this type of offer! However, you'll never know how much you can get for content if you don't try up-selling. What's also good to do is to make your fans feel that the content is ONLY for them and done in real time so that you can charge a premium. If the content feels mass-produced, and like it was something meant for everyone, they won't be as inclined to unlock.

  5. Offer more! Now don't get this tip confused with charging less. When you see a decline in interest in your content as well as your revenue, you don't immediately have to start panicking and charging less for content. Instead, keep your prices the same OR increase them. The only difference with this tip, is that you are going to offer more for the prices you are already charging. Check your subscription levels to see that the rewards and incentives are amazing enough to lure in new clients. Add more rewards if possible, to beef up those subscription levels and make it too good for a client to pass up. Make your videos longer, better quality, etc.

  6. Message your unsubscribed spenders Luckily on Unfiltrd, you have the option to mass message all of your unsubscribed members to try and incentivize them coming back! While this may not be the option on other fan subscription platforms, there are still ways to filter and see who has spent money in the past, or unsubscribed. Message them in order to re-build that connection. Perhaps these customers have been busy or distracted, so giving them a cute little reminder that you miss them and would like to re-connect is a great strategy! You WANT those high spenders on your page, so doing this is a worthy investment of your time.

  7. Keep trying! Sometimes revenue goes down for specific reasons, and sometimes it could just be a random event. Customers may be on vacation, or it may be a specific season or holiday where traffic is down on social media and fan subscription platforms. Having dips in revenue and engagement are normal, and to be expected. The most important thing is to keep your head up, find solutions, and do not throw the towel in. The most successful creators are the ones that pick themselves back up even after things don't go 100% as planned. Keep making good quality content, keep being consistent, and don't lose your motivation!

Make a checklist for yourself and see if you are trying all of these strategies! If you put in the work, time, and effort, you will be sure to see results. The key is to not get discouraged. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is an excellent quote and motto to live by! Now get out there, and let's increase that revenue together!


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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