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Why You SHOULDN'T Join Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and other Adult Content Platforms.

You may have read the title and scratched your head. Why would we be writing about all of the reasons people shouldn't join Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and other adult content platforms when we ourselves are an adult content platform. Well, here at Unfiltrd we are all about honesty and transparency, and while we dedicate a lot of our time on our blog telling people about all of the perks and advantages of being a spicy creator, it's also good to mention some of the ways it can be not-so-stellar. Yes, some creators make thousands, even tens of thousands a month, and live a seemingly lavish lifestyle, it isn't always sunshine and roses. Perhaps you are reading this as someone who is interested in this line of work, but feeling apprehensive, OR you are someone that is on the fence about joining Unfiltrd. Whatever position you are in, we will give you a full break down of the reasons why you should never join an adult platform.

1. You are afraid of judgement. When I hear that a potential creator is extremely afraid of judgement and ridicule, I immediately back away from persuading them to join Unfiltrd. Many creators have the mentality that they do not care what others think, because they are doing something that supports them financially and they enjoy doing it. They can put aside the harsh critique of others - which is something that naturally comes with this type of work. It is to be expected, that some people you will encounter as well as family, will not fully understand your choice to become an adult content creator. And while others will emrace it - if the opinions of others bares a heavy weight on you, then this line of work is just not for you. I must note, however, that at one time I cared way too much what others though about me, and doing this type of work was in fact very liberating. It taught me to truly live for myself and focus on making myself happy!

2. You are not prepared to work 5-7 days per week. One thing that a lot of prospective creators think incorrectly is that this work is easy. That you can simply take a few photos, a few videos, and within a week or two you will be making ten thousand dollars. This is simply not the case. In order to be a really successful content creator, you have to put in the hours. You must create content consistently, you must be your own creative and marketing director, and you must build long-lasting / loyal connections with fans. Not to mention, you usually must curate a social media following seperate from your spicy page that will help your revenue grow. It is a job that offers very little breaks or time off, but does come with the bonus of you being able to work from anywhere!

3. You plan to lie to your partner about being a creator.

In the years I have been in this industry, I have received dozens of messages from aspiring creators telling me how badly they want to jump on board and start making money selling content. However, there is one hitch for them. Their partner is not supportive or not comfortable, and they are planning to keep it a secret from them. Personally, I believe this is a recipe for disaster. There are many opinions surrounding the issue of whether or not partners have a say in what their significant other does in order to make money. My personal opinion is, if your partner does not support it and is strongly against it, it is best to respect your partner. However, if this is something you really want to do, and it iis extremely important to you - your partner should also respect that. This can be quite a predicament in relationships. One thing that is for certain, however, is to be honest and transparent with your partner and let them know your intentions. The latter will almost always result in problems.

4. You plan to work in the childcare field later on. Society, in general, has become a lot more accepting of adult work in the recent years. Platforms such as Unfiltrd and Onlyfans have made it into the mainstream, which has helped de-stigmatize sex work. We have even seen politicians who have sold sexy photos and funded their campaigns through sex work. However, there will always be industries and areas where this sort of work is frowned upon. One such area is in the educational field. If you have plans to work in an educational environment with children, it is likely to become a problem if you also do sex work online. This is why when ambitious creators approach me with advice on whether or not to sign up, I always ask them what their long-term goals are. If they tell me they want to become a teacher, or work in other non-accepting work environments, I usually discourage them.

5. You are nervous about your digital footprint. It is not a lie or an exaggeration when people say that what you put out on the internet, stays on the internet. And the case could not be more relevant when it comes to adult content. While Unfiltrd offers protections for creators and their content, other sites may not be so thorough and diligent in these matters. All it takes is one incel or one malicious fan to leak your content. The more fans you get, the more and more at risk you are. Luckily, there are also online services that perform DMCA takedowns of leaked content, but the experience of having content leaked in the first place can be highly stressful. This is why I advise creators before joining that this is a risk they will face, and that if they are truly passionate about doing this, it's a risk they must accept. Did you read this and think to yourself that none of this bothers you, or did you tell yourself that this work is something you could never do afterall? Either way, I hope this was insightful in your decision on whether or not to dive into spicy content creation. One thing is for sure, while this work can be empowering, make you great money, and offer you the lifestyle you seek - it comes with some downsides that are best to address and accept before joining!

Good Luck




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