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You're Gonna Need a Thick Skin

In just the last 24 hours I've seen at least 3 memes on Facebook and instagram putting down women who have an Onlyfans. These memes and the comments that followed them was the inspiration for today's blog.

Did this meme hurt your feelings? Did it annoy you? Did you think "What the Fuck Sara, why would you put this here" to get that exact reaction from you. As any content creator with a few years under the belt knows, people kind of suck. You don't even have to be a creator to know that. Memes like this are just an example of the ignorance around our industry. And I don't mean that as an insult. I mean that as the definition of ignorance; they don't know. We all know that A LOT of work goes into being a content creator. Those that don't do it think it's as simple as uploading a photo and making money. Never mind that there's a billion dollar industry just around marketing your favorite Cell Phone. If Apple or Samsung needs to market, it stands to reason that we need to market too. and that obviously takes work. if you're anything like me, you are a sensitive being that cries if someone raises their voice at you. Here's how I grew a thick skin in my time as a content creator (I still cry if someone raises thier voice. This really only applies to my internet presence)

Dont read comments.

I'm so for cereal about this: don't read the comments. especially on place like twitter and tiktok. I'm still bothered by someone asking me when I was going to "fix" my upper lip three years ago on tiktok. There's nothing wrong with it, but someone asked and it bothers me. I've also been called the wicked witch of the west because my nose is a little long. If you're going to read the comments, be prepared to have your feelings hurt.

Hurt Their Feelings Back

if you do read the comments and someone is being particularly heinous, fire back. BUT keep it within the community guidelines so as to not lose your account. Most of my haters are dudes living in their mom's basement so I mention that. Or Your dad didnt seem to mind" "You mom said she loved it" stuff like that. Dont put your accounts at risk by being so confrontational the platform has to do something about it but let them know you're not to be trifled with.

Choose your platform carefully when going this route. This works really well for twitter, but if you try firing back like this on tiktok, your comment will be removed, or your video will be removed almost immediately. It works great for twitter because it's a cesspool and people like the drama. I've actually had instances where I've picked up 100 new followers just from not dealing with someone else's nonsense. That engagement, even though it's annoying, gets your posts seen by more people.

Follow the Mommy Doms

I am not a Femdom creator, but I follow a lot of Femdom mommy Dom goddesses. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. Yes Ma'am 🥵 . 2. Confidence baby.

I find that the Femdom creators have a ton of confidence and have the best ways of dealing with jerks because they treat every person that interacts with them as beneath them. (its a kink/niche, not just for the sake of being rude) So whether they are dealing with a devoted sub or a internet troll, they handle it with confidence. I've learned a lot my self just following these ladies on how to handle haters.

Educate People

If you see someone talking trash about being an online content creator and stigmatizing the work, educate people. One of the biggest misconceptions about this industry is that it's easy. As the meme above illustrates, people think there is zero work involved in being a content creator. You know that's not true. So if you're in a position to educate people, DO SO. Education is the only way we're going to remove stigma from the industry.

You can inform others on why people get into being a content creator; how a lot of people choose this line of work for varying reasons. From financial independence to their literal health, people turn to online work for so many reasons and not a one of them involves making easy money and wanting people to like us.

Our very own CEO got into it because she couldn't leave the house due to a rare blood disorder that could kill her if she got sick. I got into it because I was tired of working 60 hours a week and still living paycheck to paycheck with what was considered a GOOD job at the time.

Talk about how much work actually goes into this- when you really break it down, we are running small business and we're playing every single role by ourselves. Makeup and wardrobe, photographer, videographer, editor, marketing, support, accounting. I worked less when I worked in corporate 😅

So that's that. Dont read comments, if you're going to prepare to have your feelings hurt. Take no sh!t, and educate people on what really goes into a page like unfiltrd. Love you, have a great week. Ok byeeeeeeee

Sara Lyn.

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