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Creator Workshop with Brett Rossi Recap & Recording!

On Saturday, our very own Brett Rossi hosted a creator workshop on Branding and the important role branding plays in your success as a content creator. Today's blog will be a recap of that workshop for anyone who missed it on Saturday.

A Little About Brett

Brett has been a professional model for over 20 years and a part of the adult entertainment industry for more than 12. She's been Miss Howard Stern as well as a Playboy cyber girl and painted girl. Her accolades also include Penthouse pet, Hustler Honey and Unfiltrd Head of Creators. Its fair to say with Bretts time in the industry, she's our resident expert on branding.

Branding and Building Your Brand: Tips, Tricks and Establishing a Brand
  1. Claim your name - stage name or real name

  2. Lock down your socials - socials should all match to make it easier to find you across platforms

  3. Discover your niche- this is one of the hardest things to do but you can get this by determining who you want to reach and what your goals are.

Social media: Tiktok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, and Reddit. Claim your name on all of them, even if you don't use the platform, if popularity shifts you will already have your name there. And this will help with building loyalty amongst your fans.

Building socials: Building your social media accounts requires strategic planning, consistency and patience! Use analytics and insights to your advantage:

What are prime times to post- post at those times. What are peek engagement hours on your socials? You can also use scheduling tools like Metricool to track analytics for your socials, and schedule posts based on high traffic times of day. Metricool even highlights high traffic times on your calendar to make it easier to determine the best times to post.

You can sign up for a Metricool account here

Collaborate with different creators with similar niches as this can help expand your reach. Collaboration can be anything from doing content together like Brett, Steph and Heather do when they're together, or Share for Share in your stories or feed.

One important aspect that a lot of creators overlook in engaging with your followers. Make sure your responding to comments and being engaging with your following

Post attention grabbing content and try to go viral- do something unique and crazy. Study what Steph does as she’s the viral queen. Once you go viral stay with it. Study what other viral creators are doing and see if you can implement those strategies into your own content.

Promotions expand and advertise your brand. Promotions can be done with the press- such as blogs- networking, collabs and events. promotion really plays a vital role for your brand.

Press/publicity- the hardest but the best for your brand

Having a publicist can help a lot with this but you can always do this yourself. Put your name out there. The worst that can happen is they’ll say no or not respond

Publicists can get you opportunities. Here's a little secret; you can cut out the middle man and submit your own releases. Find the industry bloggers and submit your own press release. Before you do this however, make sure you study this and do it in the most professional way. Fake it until you make it

If you do pick a publicist, make sure you know what you’re getting into with them. Make sure they’ll work long term. You don't want to start paying a publicist who is going to run out of contacts and ideas in two months time.


Everyone should have professional photos, these will set your brand apart from others. You make yourself look bigger. If you do get published by a news or blogging site, you'll set your brand apart by having nice, professional looking photos.

Attend Fan-Centered and Networking Events.

Going to things like AVN, Xbiz, Exxxotica.. etc

Your fans appreciate being able to meet you and it's also a great networking opportunity. Most of these fan events have after parties that serve as great networking events. Even if you’re not big on parties, it's a good way to meet other creators and promoters. It's a great way to find out how to get stolen content taken down, who can help you learn about reddit or porn hub, and who can help you with social media traffic.


The easiest way to branch your brand out is collabs with other content creators in your niche. collaborations can include; Tiktoks on each other accounts, as mentioned above, Steph, Heather and Brett do this quite a bit when they get together.

Collaborating is easiest with people in the same niche and around the same followers

Collabs dont have to be fully sexual or even remotely sexually. You'll see that a lot of content that the Ladies of Unfiltrd do is mostly Best Friend content. Very wholesome, and quite popular. Popular enough that it drives traffic to all of the creators sites.

SFS is also a great way to branch out. SFS is the short way to say share for share or shout for shout. Share similar creators to your niche and following to your stories/feed. This is one of the easiest ways to collaborate and spread your brand awareness.

Subscription sites: These are fastest way to monetize your brand

Socials will be secondary as they’re harder to make money on

A common misconception is that creators need to stick to one site and one site only when monetizing. You're actually going to stunt your growth by doing this. You could be missing out on a lot of potential earnings by keeping all of your content in one place.

Branch out to the different platforms but make each platform different and offer something new for each platform. Make sure each platform offers something unique, Brett makes her unfiltrd a master vault as well as offering voice and video calls. I post the type of content Onlyfans doesnt like, as well as offer custom content and sexting sessions on my Unfiltrd. These are services people beg for on my other platform and cant get unless they come to unfiltrd.

You'll also need to understand that there will be loyalty to certain platforms where as other wont care as long as they can interact. Some fans will only stay on a platform like onlyfans because its got household brand recognition. Others wont care which site their on, as long as they can interact with you.

Essentials to remember

Building your brand takes time. This can be exhausting but you have to remember you can always build, you can always be better.

Trust the process. When anyone can be a content creator, staying consistent on dreams and goals is going to be the difference between your success or failure. It's really important to trust the process and not give up.

You are your only competition. Focus only on you. Dont worry about what anyone else is doing or you’ll start getting frustrated and overwhelmed.

If you want to keep making that money, keep going. You cant give up because this is your job now

Research. Check out message boards, continue to learn how you can succeed. I myself spend a ton of time on the Creator centered subreddits researching new trends for content, sexting etc. What kind of scams are cropping up and who is able to help me with DCMAs

Here be the Q&A portion of the workshop

Getting traffic from Porn Hub:

Drive traffic form porn hub- Porn hub is a great tool because its sp mainstream. With an average 42 billion user visit per month it's a great way to drive traffic to your sites and PH can be monetized!

You can drive traffic from porn hub by creating and posting trailers of your content to your Porn Hub account. Use canva or other editing apps to add a little “exclusive here” to the start of the trailer and add additional popups of the site all over the place every few minutes. The point of the trailer is to capture the interest of the viewer and give them just enough to make them want to check out the fan platform,

How to get more followers on Twitter (X) :

Post consistently and use hashtags, and check out our blogs on social media promotion. We've got a bunch of them that discuss twitter and all of the other platforms.

Brand evolution over the last ten years

"I’ve opened up my brand and let them see the real me and not just the porn star. Being a real person attracts more and more people. People see I'm more than just a porn star. That I'm a real person with a real life. I'm funny and interesting. Not just hot!"

Here is the full edited video recording of Brett's Workshop if you want to watch it in it's entirety!

Thats it for the creator workshop recap! We hope you learned something from Brett, I know I did! See you next time, XOXO Sara Lyn

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